Catalyze, Leverage, and Focus

RCSA catalyzes, leverages, and focuses its resources through partnerships.


Research Corporation for Science Advancement is a foundation that stimulates innovation and discovery in the physical sciences with programs and support that target areas of national importance.


RCSA works with corporations, fellow foundations, and government offices and agencies, as well as educational institutions, across the country. Our long-standing emphasis on funding for early career scientists provides vital support at an absolutely key stage for innovation. Our continued commitment to science in the classroom supports not only the top faculty and teachers who receive funding, but also their many students. And our network of RCSA award winners, which includes 13 living Nobel Laureates, encourages a culture of mentoring to sustain and build professional connections leading to new scientific collaborations and discoveries.


We support chemistry, physics, astronomy, and science that interfaces with these disciplines, for example biochemistry and biophysics. Our funding investments and partnerships are directed to innovative and transformative research, the integration of science and teaching and research, undergraduate science research, public advocacy for science, and seed funding and leadership for major initiatives. For over 100 years, Research Corporation for Science Advancement has been at the forefront of funding science. We invite you to join us.