Advanced Energy Storage

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Energy storage is critical for a wide variety of major societal challenges including transitioning to near zero emissions transportation and making the electrical power grid more compatible with renewable energy generation. There is tremendous need for fundamental discovery research in chemistry, materials science, engineering and related disciplines that will lead to new advanced batteries and capacitors with greater energy storage density, longer lifetimes, and which are cheaper, safer and easier to discharge and recharge.

Over the past 40 years, Li-ion battery technologies have progressed steadily, ultimately providing the current standard for portable storage with sufficient lifetimes (both per charge and per battery) for practical commercial success.  Nonetheless, many non-ideal aspects of our reliance on current technologies remain, which is the inspiration behind Scialog: Advanced Energy Storage – a program of search and discovery for truly transformative energy storage systems. Are we sufficiently exploring all of the chemical and physical systems that can be utilized for electrochemical energy storage? Are there new chemistries and materials that present unexplored opportunities as electrochemical energy storage components or systems? What breakthroughs or design parameters could be explored for a high risk, high reward transformation to better energy storage?
This Scialog initiative aims to encourage collaborations between theorists and experimentalists. We encourage approaches that are driven by theory and principles that are testable by experiments. We want to catalyze development of a community in which theory informs experiment, with both working together to achieve understanding of fundamental processes important to energy storage.
We are particularly interested in encouraging projects in which theorists provide novel unexplored predictions and experimentalists provide corresponding investigations with advanced methodologies.

Scialog Objectives

-- Support collaborative teams of early career researchers who present innovative approaches that address the designated research topics

-- Enable higher-risk research that might fall outside the boundaries of traditional federal funding streams

-- Establish and convene communities of researchers who will interact intellectually to move the broader research agenda forward

-- Leverage funding from private foundations and federal agencies to further support successful lines of research.

Participation in Scialog: Advanced Energy Storage is by invitation.