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Williams College student Chris Chudzicki is a winner of the 2010 APS Leroy Apker Award

Williams College student Chris Chudzicki is a winner of the 2010 Leroy Apker Award from the American Physical Society for outstanding achievement in physics by an undergraduate. The Apker Award is presented to only two undergraduates each year – one from a Ph.D. granting institution and one from a non-Ph.D. granting institution. Chudzicki's research, completed under the supervision of Assistant Professor of Physics Frederick Strauch, was a thesis on “Parallel Entanglement Distribution on Quantum Networks.” The work was based on Strauch's studies of superconducting quantum circuits and was supported by a Cottrell College Science Award from Research Corporation for Science Advancement. Strauch and Chudzicki developed a methodology to address how a particular quantum network could be used to distribute entanglement between users. "Enabling different parts of a quantum computer to talk is very difficult because "quantum information" is very fragile, very easily disturbed, and very different from classical information," Chudzicki said. "Professor Strauch and I were working on a way to efficiently and faithfully send quantum information in parallel between different parts of a quantum computer."

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