Cottrell Scholars

Examples of Educational Proposals

Examples of Successful Cottrell Scholar Award Educational Plans

In an effort to improve the chances of success for future Cottrell Scholar applications, we have chosen successful educational plans which are representative of the best we have received in the past few years. They illustrate a variety of styles and approaches which convinced us of the PI's passion for teaching in the research university setting. Successful plans are multifaceted and may be directed toward the undergraduate or graduate level. We offer these as examples that illustrate a scholar's understanding of his/her institutional culture and setting. Consequently these cannot and should not serve as templates for future submissions.

Kathryn L. Haas, Cottrel Scholar 2016, Chemistry, Saint Mary's College, Transporting Cu(I) as Cargo and Using Cu(III) as a Killer Cofactor: Histidine-rich Motifs in Ctr1 and Histatin 5 Control Cu Oxidation State and Reactivity

Aaron M. Leconte, Cottrell Scholar 2016, Chemistry, Claremont McKenna College, Biochemical Characterization and Engineering of Luciferases Through Statistical Coupling Analysis

William C. Pomerantz, Cottrell Scholar 2016, Chemistry, University of Minnesota, Fluorinated Peptides and Proteins for 19F MRI and Integrated Research Experiences in an Organic Chemistry Lab Course

Jahan M. Dawlaty, Cottrell Scholar 2016, Chemistry, University of Southern California, A New Handle in Solar-to-Fuel Light Harvesting: Creating Protons Where They are Most Needed

Eliza Kempton, Cottrell Scholar 2016, Astronomy, Grinnell College, Atmospheric Structure and Emission Spectrum Calculations for Extrasolar Super-Earths: Looking Toward JWST and Beyond

John-David T. Smith, Cottrell Scholar 2012, Astronomy, University of Toledo: After the Fall -- Why Galaxies Die, and How

Kingshuk Ghosh, Cottrell Scholar 2012, Physics, University of Denver: Designing Biological Toys: Genetic Switches and Clocks