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Cottrell College Science Awards - 2014

Fabiola Barrios-Landeros

Yeshiva University

Copper- and Palladium-Promoted Aromatic Acyloxylation

Aryl carboxylates are a class of esters—chemical compounds found in materials such as liquid crystals for digital displays or in coumarin derivatives for perfumes or anti-coagulation drugs. They are commonly created from condensation of phenols and carboxylic acids using a reaction called esterification. But phenols are not always easy to obtain and therefore a synthetic alternative—a new route— to make esters needs to be investigated. Fabiola Barrios-Landeros, assistant professor of chemistry at Yeshiva University, aims to better understand the structure and reactivity of the metal catalysts – compounds of copper and palladium – that could promote the transformation. If successful, Barrios-Landeros’ work could lead to a novel and efficient method to produce aryl carboxylates.

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