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Advisory & Review Groups

Science Advisory Committee

Comprised of U.S. academic scientists, the Science Advisory Committee reviews Cottrell Scholar proposals and provides award recommendations to the RCSA President and Scientific Staff. These recommendations are forwarded to the RCSA Board for award approval. Committee constituency, including number of members and research expertise, is carefully selected to match the spectrum of topics supported by the Cottrell Scholar program. Members

Cottrell Scholar Advisory Committee

The Cottrell Scholar Advisory Committee provides advice to the RCSA President and Scientific Staff on various aspects of the Cottrell Scholar Program, including visibility and impact of awards and conferences, and network and partnership opportunities. Members

Scialog Advisory Committee

A Scialog Advisory Committee comprised of world leading scientists guides each Scialog initiative. The committee identifies Scialog Fellows, plans conferences, facilitates discussions and reviews collaborative proposals.

Time Domain Astrophysics
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Advanced Energy Storage