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Staff - Richard Wiener, Ph.D.

Richard Wiener, Ph.D.
Richard Wiener, Ph.D., Senior Program Director


Dr. Wiener completed a BA in philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1978 and a Ph.D. in physics at the University of Oregon under the direction of London Prize Laureate Russell Donnelly in 1991.


His research interests center on nonlinear pattern formation with an emphasis on chaotic patterns in fluid flows. Recently, he has been working on the application of nonlinear dynamical models to the production of energy resources, social group competition, and conference-mediated growth of collaboration networks.


From 1995-2006 Dr. Wiener was a physics professor at Pacific University in Oregon, and Chair of the Division of Natural Sciences from 2004-2006.

He has been a National Corporation for Atmospheric Research Postdoctoral Fellow in Ocean Modeling at Oregon State University, a Visiting Professor at Lewis & Clark College, and a Visiting Scientist and Visiting Professor in Eberhard Bodenschatz’ research group at Cornell University. Dr. Wiener currently holds an appointment as an adjunct Professor of Physics at the University of Arizona and he is a member of the Editorial Board of the Forum on Physics and Society of the American Physical Society.


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