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Solyndra: Will We Learn From Science?

The recent bankruptcy of Solyndra, the solar panel maker that received $535 million in federally guaranteed loans, is making headlines and spawning investigations. But the key question that is being missed -- and that should be asked now -- is: Will the federal government approach this failure as politicians or as scientists?





Research Corporation supported the early work of Robert Goddard in his quest to invent rocketry. (See Interactive Timeline, 1923)




RCSA Announces Second-Round Scialog Fellows

Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA) has announced its latest Scialog Fellows: recipients of grants awarded through Scialog®, a major new research initiative. This multi-year grant program accelerates the work of 21st-century science by funding early career scientists (either individuals or multi-disciplinary teams) to pursue transformative research, in dialog with their fellow grantees, on crucial issues of scientific inquiry.




Spring 2011 Cottrell College Science Awards

Research Corporation for Science Advancement's Spring 2011 Cottrell College Science Awards total $1.8 million. The 48 grants go to early career scientists at primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs) in the United States. These awards support significant research contributing to the advancement of science and to the professional and scholarly development of faculty, and their students, at liberal arts colleges and PUIs.




Crimson Coverage

Harvard Crimson writer Caroline Davis discusses Success with Science. The book, written by Harvard students and published in 2011 by Research Corporation for Science Advancement, is aimed at inspiring high school students to pursue science careers.




Modeling the Decline of Religion

RCSA Program Officer Richard Wiener will be presenting a talk at the APS March Meeting in Dallas on the dynamics of social group competition applied to the growth of religious non-affiliation.




Janelle Leger, a Cottrell College Science Awardee,  Receives a Prestigious NSF-CAREER Award

Janelle Leger, an assistant professor of physics at Western Washington University, was awarded an NSF-CAREER award to develop a fundamental understanding of ion movement and electrochemical processes in conjugated polymers. An important goal is to apply this knowledge to develop novel optoelectronic device structures such as white-light emitters and photovoltaic devices. A 2009 Cottrell College Science award helped her start this successful line of research. Leger is also a member of the WWU NSF/Solar team.




Converting Sunlight to Fuel

Renowned solar energy researcher and Caltech Professor Nate Lewis, who chairs RCSA’s Scialog review panel, appears on the PBS NOVA documentary Making Stuff: Cleaner, where he discusses his work developing artificial photosynthesis to convert sunlight into chemical fuels. See chapter 6 of 6: Sun Power