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Cottrell Scholars Collaborate on 2-Volume ACS Symposium Book

Andrew Feig (CS 02), Wayne State University, and Rory Waterman (CS 09), University of Vermont, have tapped the expertise of more than two-dozen of their fellow Cottrell Scholars to produce two volumes focused on improving science education at colleges and universities.

The books, created with the help of ACS Publications, are:

Leading Change in Undergraduate STEM Education, with contributions from Adam Leibovich (CS 06), University of Pittsburgh; Mike Hildreth (CS 03), University of Notre Dame; Linda Columbus (CS 10), University of Virginia; Martin Gruebele (CS 95), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Jen Heemstra (CS 15), University of Utah; Rory Waterman (CS 09), University of Vermont; Andrew Feig (CS 02), Wayne State University; John Antos (CS 16), Western Washington University; Penny Beuning (CS 09), Northeastern University; Amelia Fuller CS 10), Santa Clara University; Jason Gillmore (CS 06), Hope College; Aaron Leconte (CS 16), Claremont McKenna College; Casey Londergan (CS 08), Haverford College; Will Pomerantz (CS 16), University of Minnesota; Jennifer Prescher (CS 14), University of California, Irvine;  Levi Stanley (CS 16), Iowa State University;  Sarbajit Banerjee (CS 10), Texas A&M University; Vince Rotello (CS 96), University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Keivan Stassun (CS 06), Vanderbilt University; George Shields (CS 94), Furman University.

A Professional Development Handbook for New Faculty, with contributions from Jeanne Hardy (CS 07), University of Massachusetts, Amherst); Lynmarie Thompson (CS 94), University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Dave Besson (CS 96), University of Kansas; Penny Beuning (CS 09), Northeastern University; Scott Snyder (CS 09), University of Chicago; Rory Waterman (CS 09), University of Vermont; Andrew Feig (CS 02), Wayne State University; Rigoberto Hernandez, (CS 09) Johns Hopkins University; Karen Bjorkman (CS 99), University of Toledo; Peter Dorhout (CS 94), Kansas State University; Jenny Ross (CS 10), University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Jeff Byers (CS 15), Boston College; Tim Clark (CS 07), University of San Diego; and Sarah Skrabalak (CS 12), Indiana University.

Feig and Waterman said the project began in 2015 when they decided to organize an ACS symposium to honor TREE Award winner Cathy Murphy (CS 96). Subsequently, they organized additional symposia at national ACS meetings to highlight the projects of their fellow Cottrell Scholars.

 “And the books were a result of seeing all those projects together and then inviting our colleagues to contribute the work they’ve been doing,” Feig said.

Waterman said the book project took most of a year. “We created list of authors who were both in the sessions and some folks who were not, and we sent them invitations to contribute. I think our response rate was 100 percent. It’s fabulous. This is what’s great about the Cottrell Scholars. They submitted their chapters, those went out for peer review. Much like a normal journal article there’s a revision process if needed, and then we finalized the chapters and put the volumes together.”

Feig said the volumes currently exist as ebooks for downloading from the ACS website, and will be available as printed volumes sometime in 2018. The ebooks can be accessed by googling either “ACS Symposium 1259” or “ACS Symposium 1248.”

“The scholars are a wonderful group to work with,” Feig added, “and the books really show the wide variety of projects the scholars are doing. While they’re all publishing research, this is a nice way to pull together a very diverse set of educational activities that the Scholars have been doing, and in many cases long beyond the confines of the Cottrell Scholar Award itself.”

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