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Cottrell Scholar Program Welcomes Nationally Recognized PUI Teacher-Scholars

For more than 20 years, RCSA’s Cottrell College Science Awards and Cottrell Scholar Awards worked in parallel toward a common goal, the development of outstanding teacher-scholars at American colleges and universities. While CCSAs supported the start of long-term, sustainable programs of research at primarily undergraduate institutions, CSAs encouraged early career faculty at research universities to conduct both high-quality research and educational activities. Using different approaches, both programs nurtured some of our nation’s best teacher-scholars.

The evolving nature of science requires constant program review by foundations that support research in order to ensure their programs remain effective. Increasingly, the necessity of solving complex scientific problems with global implications places high value on community-level interactions among scholars from diverse disciplines. These types of interactions lie at the heart and soul of Cottrell Scholars. Building on the successful CS Program, RCSA now brings together the PUI and research university faculties in a newly revised program aimed at nurturing a highly diverse interdisciplinary community of teacher-scholars.

Specifically, RCSA is expanding the Cottrell Scholar Program to welcome PUI participation. In order to involve the diverse talent across both research university and PUI faculties from day one, RCSA has extended invitations to 50 PUI faculty who earned CCSAs to join the CS program and named them Cottrell Scholars.

“The CS program would not be complete without participation of this exceptionally talented group of established PUI faculty who, after receiving CCSA support, were nationally recognized with other prestigious teacher-scholar awards from several foundations and professional organizations,” said RCSA Program Director Silvia Ronco. “It is our honor to have this distinguished group join the Cottrell Scholar community. Undoubtedly, the program will benefit enormously from their diversity of perspectives and opinions.” 

Collectively, this remarkable PUI Cottrell Scholar group has raised more than $94M of external funding following the initial Cottrell College Science Award, and has secured 38 NSF-CAREER awards, 25 Henry Dreyfus Teacher Scholar awards, one Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, one DoD Young Investigator Award, five Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE), and nine  national awards for Research at an Undergraduate Institution (seven  through the American Physical Society and two through the American Chemical Society).

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