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Presidential Advisors Call for Energy Innovation Acceleration

"A major acceleration is needed in the pace of energy technology innovation, invention, translation, adoption and diffusion," says the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology in a new report. The advisors add the U.S. "must be at the forefront of energy technology innovation over the next decade for reasons of economic competitiveness, the environment, and national security." The PCAST report sets out a broad list of recommendations for the federal government. Meanwhile, Research Corporation for Science Advancement, an independent foundation that has long been a catalyst for change, is pioneering a unique track for innovation among academic-based researchers. RCSA created Scialog®, seeking to accelerate the work of 21st century transformational science through research, dialog and community; the program's first three-year round is devoted to generating and funding innovative ideas to improve efficiencies in solar energy conversion to electricity and biofuels. Check out the full PCAST report, and then learn how Scialog approaches the energy innovation challenge.

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